新進気鋭の七人の侍アーティストによって描かれた粋な日本アートの「行灯 Andon」と「風呂敷 Furoshiki」
刀で斬ったように真横に開く「刀箱 Katana-Box」
刀箱の上蓋に組み込まれている米ヌカ100%の「和蝋燭 Rice-Bran Candle」
そして、唎酒師が厳選してきた美味しい「日本酒 Sake」がセットになっています。

OMOTENASHI - The traditional Japanese culture of hospitality
It consists of a gorgeous quadrilateral box (Katana-box) that opens as if slashed with a sword, sleeve (Andon), Japanese rice-bran candle, Japanese wrapping cloth and sake.
Light the candle included in the package and cover it with the sleeve to creates beautiful light patterns, adding to your experience and passion. Then choose your sake from our exquisite selection of carefully hand-picked sake around all over Japan by Sake Sommelier (Kikisake-shi).